CPAGRIP REVIEW: Is It Legit Or Scam (All You Need To Know)

CPAGRIP Review & All You Need To Know

If you are one of the people who are into CPA marketing or would love to go into CPA Marketing.

You must of come across the CPA marketing network known as CPAGRIP.

Because right now it is not only the most talked about & popular CPA marketing network, but it is one of the highest paying CPA market network out here.

We would be giving you a detailed information & review on CPAGRIP.

In addition we would be showing how to register on the popular CPA marketing network & also how to earn and withdraw your earned money.

Before we would take a look on what CPAGRIP is all about let’s take a little dive on what the word CPA is all about.

What is CPA Marketing

The full meaning of CPA is Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action. So in a lay mans word.

CPA means the amount of money which a marketing or advertising company pays to an individual for performing or completing a task on their platform.

This task can come in various forms which includes referring people to buy a particular product or item, help in sharing the companies products on your various social media platforms or signing up of newsletters.

This is basically what CPA marketing is all about. And in the year 2023 the CPA marketing industry keeps growing & has generated a lot of money for both the marketing companies & their users.

Companies in 21st century has adopted CPA Marketing as a more efficient way of marketing their products to their targeted customers or audience.

Now we are done with what CPA marketing is all about, we can now start with the review of CPAGRIP.


CPAGrip just like other CPA marketing companies, is a website where users get paid a certain amount of money when the complete or perform a certain task.

They provide lots of offer on their website, which a user upon signing up advertises these offers. And once they get people who buy this offers CPAGrip will pay them a certain commission for completing the offer.

One thing about CPAGRIP is that, it is not a get rich scheme.

You have to work really hard, to earn money from the company CPAGRIP.

And being good with advertising is going to be an added advantage, which would certainly bust your earnings.

The users of CPAGRIP are like a connecting link, that help connect CPAGRIP to their desired or targeted audience.

And this is more reason why CPAGRIP is said to be legitimate websites, because you have to do a particular job to earn money unlike like websites like, that is practically a ponzi scheme.

How To Sign up/Register On CPAGRIP

We are done telling you what CPAGRIP is all about

Lets now show you step by step procedure on how you can sign up or register on CPAGRIP.

Follow this steps below, to sign up on CPAGRIP

  1. CLICK HERE and you would be redirected to the official website of CPAGRIP.
  2. Now you are on the CPAGRIP website, click on the menu icon, located at the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Tap on the option Register.
  4. You will then be taken to the registration page, where you would fill in your personal details.
  5. Cross check the details you input, to avoid mistakes or errors.
  6. Once certain you didn’t make any mistake on your details.
  7. Then you click on apply your account will be created.


You need to have a Skype account, which you will use in the registration of your CPAGRIP account.

Also make sure your personal details are put in correctly, to avoid issues revolving around payment.

Making Money On CPAGRIP

After your account has been crated and approved by CPAGRIP.

The next thing on your mind should be how to make money or bust your earnings on CPAGRIP.

As CPAGRIP approved and verified users, there are ways which you can make money on the website.

And they include

1. Make money by promoting/advertising offers to customers.

2. Through the referral program made CPAGRIP.

How To Make Money Through Promoting CPAGRIP Offers

Promoting offers on CPAGRIP is one of the common way by which user make money on CPAGRIP.

CPAGRIP provide numerous amount of offers, which a user can choose from and promote to his or her audience.

And once their audience use the users CPALINK to complete the offer.

The user get paid a certain amount of commission agreed by the two parties.

In other to start making money by promoting CPAGRIP offer all you have to do is;

  1. Login into your CPAGRIP account
  2. Tap on the menu bar and select offer tools.
  3. A drop down button will show, you then click on my offer.
  4. You will then be taken to a new page, where you would see the list of offers available.
  5. CPAGRIP would access your location through your GPS, and then show you the offers that are available in that your location.
  6. You then go through the offers & choose the one you are certain you can complete.
  7. Once you are done choosing the offer you want to complete.
  8. You then click on tracking domain, this would help you ascertain if the offers are on the latest tracking domain.
  9. If they are, you can now copy your link after it has been verified.
  10. After this you can now start promoting or advertising your offers to your audience.

This is the major way by which users can earn money on CPAGRIP website.

And you should also know that there are two ways users can promote or advertise their offers.

1. Promoting offer directly from CPAGRIP offer tools page.

2. By using CPAGRIP content lockers

Difference Between Promoting Offer From CPAGRIP offer tool page & By Using CPAGRIP Content Lockers

The Difference is that promoting your offer on CPAGRIP offer tool page is that your offer would be only available to those in your country.

Let’s say you are in Canada with CPAGRIP offer tool page, your offer would only be available for those in Canada.

Which implies they are only the country that can earn you money.

While if you make use of CPAGRIP content lockers your offers will be available for those in different countries.

And they can earn you money when they complete the offers.

Earning Money Through CPAGRIP Referral And Affiliate Program

Another major way users earn money on CPAGRIP is through their referral & affiliate program.

One more reason why a lot of CPA Marketers like making use of CPAGRIP is because of their referrals & affiliate program.

Unlike some other CPA Marketing companies CPAGRIP gives their users 5% commission, for every money your referral make on their platform.

If you would like to make money through CPAGRIP referral program, follow this step to copy your referral link

  1. Login into your CPAGRIP account
  2. Tap on the menu bar at the top lef corner of your screen.
  3. Click on referral program.
  4. Then tap on the green copy button at the left corner of your screen.
  5. Then you have copied your CPAGRIP referral link.
  6. With this you can earn 5% commission from every money your referral makes on CPAGRIP

How To Post Withdrawal On CPAGRIP

CPAGRIP just like other CPA Marketing company, you have to make a certain amount of money in other to request for withdrawal.

On CPAGRIP before one is eligible for withdrawal you must have made about 50$,which is the minimum amount for withdrawal on CPAGRIP.

If you have earned up to 50$ on CPAGRIP follow this step by step procedure to withdraw your earnings.

  1. Login To your CPAGRIP account.
  2. Tap on the menu bar & click on payment center.
  3. You would be taken to a new page.
  4. Where you would choose your payment method. (for countries where PayPal is banned, you can choose payoneer).
  5. Pace your withdrawal.
  6. Once your withdrawal is placed, they would start processing your payment & with with 30days or less you would get your payment.

Is CPAGRIP Legit Or Scam?

CPAGRIP has been running for years, which makes it one of the most legitimate CPA Marketing companies.

They have also paid out about 2 million dollars to their user, who promote offers on the platform.

All this are pointing to the fact it is a legit CPA Marketing company.

Though according to research and reviews from their users, they have a very poor customer care response team.

In other words it takes a lot of time, before your issue is been resolved on the platform.

Some of the offers on CPAGRIP require too many details, which can be used into hacking or accesses individuals bank accounts or private lives.

Upsides Of CPAGRIP

1. Users do not need money to join CPAGRIP.

2. CPAGRIP can serve as a source of income for its users.

3. It is easy to navigate on the CPAGRIP official website.

4. CPAGRIP is not limited to any country alone, anybody from any country in the world can access CPAGRIP.

5. Users on CPAGRIP can interact with each other, which help in closing the knowledge gap among one another.

Downsides Of CPAGRIP

1. Bad customer care service.

2. Takes lots of time before you get your earning.

3. Minimum withdrawal is 50$, which is a little bit high & can be hard to earn

4. Some offers pose as threats to individuals private data & information.


From my review and research on CPAGRIP, it is certain it is a legitimate way one can earn money online.

Even though before you embark on the journey of earning money through CPAGRIP, you have to put in some measures.

Which would help in making your ride an easy and less stressful one.

For more question about CPAGRIP, you can make use of the comment section below.


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