NGAWIN REVIEW: Is It Legit or Scam And How To Register

NGAWIN Review Is It Legit or Scam

Nigerian is a country with over 200 million citizens, & if you are one of them & you also make use of the internet, you might have come across the application NGAWIN.

Which for a while now everybody on the internet most especially Facebook users have been talking about.

The popularity & fame that the application NGAWIN has been gaining in the past few weeks.

Can also be attributed to the fact that a good number of Nigeria celebrities & content creator with huge followers on their social media pages.

Have been talking about the application, how it works & and what it is all about.

In this post we would taking a dive into the NGAWIN application, giving detailed reviews, what it is all about & how you can register & download the NGAWIN application.

What Is NGAWIN application

When one comes across the application NGAWIN, they get a little bit confused on what the application is all about.

While some call a mobile gaming applications, where you play games in other to earn money.

There are other individuals with the school of thought that the application is a Betting application.

Non are far from the truth. In fact they are both right in their own way.

This is because in the NGAWIN application you have to play a game in other win money, but for you to be able to play the game, you have deposit a certain amount of money.

Which makes it a betting application.

Apart from that, in the about page of the NGAWIN application. It is stated clearly that one has to be 18 year to be eligible to play the game & earn money.

There are a lot of people who draw some similarities between NGAWIN & MPL Naija Pro Ludo.

The two applications are similar in a way, in the sense that one has to play a game in other win cash or money on the application.

How Does NGAWIN work?

Now we are done telling you all NGAWIN is all about let’s proceed to showing how it works.

Knowing how the NGAWIN application works, would help you in earning more money from the application.

Ones you are done with downloading the application and making your registration.

You would be taken to your dashboard, which would be showing some of your personal details.

Which includes how much you have in the account & also your name & some other details.

The NGAWIN application has turns of games built in them, which user can play and earn money.

This games will also be shown on your dashboard, you can now choose the one you like or you feel would be easy for you to play.

But before you would be able or eligible to play these games, you must have deposited some amounts into your NGAWIN account.

Which you would be using to play this games & earn money.

As you play and win, you also get your winning bonus.

Which comes as money, that can be withdrawn ones you get the minimum withdrawal limit which is 2000 thousand naira.

Registration On NGAWIN or How To Sign Up

NGAWIN REVIEW: Is It Legit or Scam And How To Register

Signing up on NGAWIN is pretty easy & there are no much complication on the registration process.

All you have to do is click here

You you will then be taken the official website of the application NGAWIN, were a registration form will be shown to you.

And you would be asked to input some of your personal details, which includes your name, email address & phone number.

You would bow be asked if you agree with their terms and conditions.

Tap on the Agree button.

Ones you tap on agree, you will be taken to your personal dashboard.

Which is a confirmation, you have successfully registered on the NGAWIN website.

How To Deposit Money On NGAWIN or Fund Your Account

NGAWIN REVIEW: Is It Legit or Scam And How To Register

Once you have been taken to a personalize dashboard, which is an indication that you registered your account on NGAWIN.

The next important process is funding or adding of money on your NGAWIN account.

With the money you will add, that is what you would be using to play the various games on NGAWIN.

were you would play and win and stipulated amount of money.

To fund your NGAWIN account all you have to do is click on the deposit account, which would be showing on the NGAWIN dashboard.

The icon would be blue in color and would be in the middle.

After clicking on the deposit button, you would be taken to a new dashboard.

Which is where you would input the particular amount of money which you would want to deposit into your account.

Just like the minimum withdrawal limit, the minimum amount you can put is 2000 naira.

And if you are able to put from 5000 naira and above, would be given 100% recharge bonus.

Ones you are done with selecting the amount of money you want to deposit, you then scroll down.

Till you see a blue button displaying Deposit, which you then click on or tap on.

After that a small tap will appear on your screen, you then click confirm to pay.

You would then be redirected to a new interface, which would display the companies account number.

Which is where you should make the payment transfer.

Copy the account number and make the payment, remember to confirm the account name and number.

When you are done making the transfer payment, you can now click on i have made the payment.

You will then be taken back to your NGAWIN personalize dashboard, and after some few minutes.

The particular amount which you deposited will display on your account dashboard.

Remember if you deposit above 5000 you would get 100% bonus so don’t be surprise if you see double the amount which you deposited.

How To Withdraw Your Money On NGAWIN

I know someone is wondering, now i am done with depositing my money on NGAWIN.

And i have played the game & also earned some amount of money, how can i withdraw my earnings.

Log into your NGAWIN account, on the top right corner you will see a profile icon.

Click on the profile icon and tap on the withdrawal option, that would show.

You will then be redirected to an interface, where you have to fill in some details.

Like the amount which you would like to withdraw from your account.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 2000, so ensure you put in 2000 or an amount above it.

When you are done click on withdraw to, you will then be taken where you input your bank account, phone number & email address.

Always cross check to make sure the account number & account name are accurate, and they match each other.

When you are done tap on ok, you will then be taken back to the main withdrawal form.

Where you now click on the red withdraw button showing.

How To Win Money On NGAWIN

The main way one can win money on NGAWIN, is by playing the various number of games put in the application.

The more one plays and wins, the more the person earns money.

The lowest amount of money one can use in playing games on NGAWIN is 1 naira.

Apart from playing to earn money, one can also earn money on NGAWIN by referring more people to the application.

And if they use your referral code to register, you would get a referral bonus.

Which you can use to play games on the application.

Is NGAWIN Scam or Legit.

This is one question that has been on the minds of NGAWIN players or those intending to register.

Even though NGAWIN is paying & is still paying some users, there are so many dots pointing that it is just another scam.

Here to create awareness by paying a lot of people & after that they disappear into the thin air with others money.

And some of the dots include that, they do not have a known owner.

The owner of the NGAWIN application is not known publicly.

So if anything happens today, there is hardly anybody to hold accountable for that.

So please if you are putting in your money, ensure you put in the amount you can deal with, if any thing goes side ways.



While you play NGAWIN always keep it at the back of your mind, that it is a betting platforms.

And the same amount of chance you have to wining, is the same you have to loosing money on it. 

Always remember to bet & play responsible.

For any questions concerning NGAWIN, you can make use of the comment section below and ask the question. We would try our best to answer them accurately. 


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