ZENORA.WORLD REVIEW: Is It Legit Or Scam & How To Register

Zenora.world Review, Is It Legit Or Scam

When ever there is a new investment platforms on the internet, that promises to help users on how to make money.

Its always advisable you as an internet users, makes proper research before investing your money into them.

This research would help make you not to invest your money into lots of investment scam sites that are out there.

And since it will be a little bit tasking for you to make these research on your own.

We at wayzvibez would help reducing your stress, by helping you in making this researches.

Where would be reviewing ang giving your well detailed information about an application or website that promises you lots of money upon registration or performing some tasks.

We would be taking a look at one of the most talked about new investment platform known Zenora.world

What Is Zenora.world And How It Works

From our research Zenora is an investment website, where users who register or sign up on their website.

Can make money by investing a certain amount of money into the platform.

According to Zenora they guarantee that their users can get about 50% of the money which they may have invested.

In addition to investment program, Zenora also has a Networking program. Which helps users get commission from other users who they refer to the program.

This is basically what Zenora is all about.

But taking a swipe look at the About Us page on Zenora official website.

They say they are a p2p investment platforms, that provides zero risk to their members or users to earn passive income.

How Zenora Works

Now we are done telling you what Zenora.world is all about.

Lets us explain how it works, how much you are to invest and how much would be your return on investment.

Step 1: You Register/Sign Up a new account on the Zenora official website.

Step 2: There are 6 Levels on Zenora platform, which users are to subscribe to with a certain amount of money. After a while they get double of the amount of money which they may have invested.

Zenora.world Levels

ONE: In the level one user will invest ₦1000, and after 24 hours, they would get ₦4000 in return.

TWO: In level two user will invest ₦4000 and after 2 days, they would get ₦8000 which is double of their initial investment.

THREE: In level three user will invest ₦6000 and after 4 days they would get double their investments which is ₦12000. But in other to be able to withdraw the money, the user must have referred about two people in level 2.

FOUR: In level four users will invest ₦12,000 and in 6 days they would get ₦24,000. For the user to be able to withdraw the money, he or she must have 2 referrals in level 3

FIVE: In level five users will invest ₦24,000 & in 8 days they get ₦48,000. Which they would have to refer about 2 people in level 4 to be able to withdraw the money.

SIX: Level six is the last level in Zenora and here, users will invest ₦48,000 and after 9 days they get ₦96,000 thousand. But to withdraw the money, they would have referred 2 people in level 5.

This are basically the six levels available on Zenora.world & also their various criteria for withdraw.

One thing that is common among the six level, is that users get 100% percentage of their investment.

Which i would say is outrageous, and is one of the signs that is far from being a legitimate investment platform.

How To Register On Zenora.world

  1. Click Here and you would be taken to the official website of Zenora.
  2. Once you are on the home page, click on the Register Button. Which would be at the left bottom corner.
  3. After clicking on the Register, A registration form would be put on display. Where you would input some of your personal details that includes email, phone number, full name.
  4. Once you are done inputting your personal details, cross check them to ensure they are all correct. You then tap ln agree terms & conditions & you clock on register.
  5. For your registration to be successful, you have to verify the phone number & email address which you might have provided in the cause of registration.
  6. In other to verify your phone number, a 4 digit code will be sent as an SMS. Which you would input on your registration form in other to access your Zenora Dashboard.

When you are able to access your dashboard, it shows you have successfully completed your Zenora Registration.

The next step is to invest and earn money on the Zenora platform.

How To Make Money & Invest On Zenora.World

After registration and verifying your account on Zenora, the next step should be making your first investment and earning your money.

Here is the step on how to invest and make money on Zenora.world.

  1. Login on your Zenora account
  2. When logged in, scroll down to the earn feature and click on Join Now.
  3. Once you have clicked on the join Now button, your application to join Zenora level 1 will be sent out. And you would have to wait as it would be placed on pending.
  4. Once your application to join Zenora level 1 is approved, an account number will be sent to you. Which is where you make your ₦1000 level 1 payment. Which would make you eligible to earn about ₦4000 in 24 hours and move you to level 2

How To Withdraw Your Money/Earnings On Zenora.world

Now we are done on how to invest and make money on Zenora.world, lets take you through how you can withdraw your money your local bank account.

  1. Login To Your Zenora Account
  2. Once you are logged in, click on the withdraw button, which would look like an arrow button dropping down.
  3. After you click on on Withdraw. A withdrawal tab will pop up on your screen, where you are to input the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  4. Once you are done tap on the green withdraw button showing at the bottom of your screen.

In other for your withdrawal goes through, ensure you have put in your correct bank details on your profile settings.

It takes about 2 to 3 days for users to get the money which they have placed on withdrawal.

Is Zenora.world Legit Or Scam?

Now the answer to the question a lot of internet users have been asking, is probably if Zenora is a legit or scam investment platform.

The truth is Zenora.world is far from being a legitimate platform, there are lots of irregularities pointing out that Zenora.world is just another ponzi scheme.

And some of this irregularities includes;

1. There is no known owner of the Zenora.world. As nobody can point out to who owns or the people who are managing the platform.

2. Money used in paying customers are recycled, as there is no known or verified way by which Zenora.world earn money they pay out to customers.

3. The return on investment percentage is too high, Zenora.world pays over 100% percentage which is way to high for an investment platform. Which they are probably doing to attract users and their money.

4. Users do not perform a particular task which earns them money, unlike NGAWIN where users can play various games to earn money. On Zenora.world all you have to do is register and in the space of 1 too 8 days your money would grow without you doing anything.

Upsides Of Zenora.world

  1. Registration is completely free
  2. High return on investment percentage
  3. High referral commission

Downsides Of Zenora.world

  1. No Known office
  2. No known owner
  3. Its A Ponzi Scheme


From our detailed review, you can tell that Zenora.world is not a legitimate platform, so investing your money there, you are taking a big risk.

As you can loose everything within a twinkle of an eye, and when you loose your money you don’t have anybody to hd accountable.

So ensure the money you are investing, is money you won’t mind losing.

You can also click here to check out more reviews on various platforms, where you can ascertain if they are legit or not

For further question about Zenora.world. You can make use of the comment section to ask them.


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